Buy, Sell, Or Hold? Tata Power Share Price 2024 Forecast

Tata Power Share Price 2024

Tata Power Share Price Target 2024: Achieving a 52-week high, the company’s shares reached Rs 396.70 each on February 1. In a significant move, Tata Power disclosed facilitating Rs 3500 crore in customer financing to enhance the adoption of solar energy in India, as communicated to the stock exchanges.

Tata Power Co Ltd boasts a market capitalization of Rs 1.24 lakh crores as of February 4, as reported on the Bombay Stock Exchange website.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2024

JM Financial has given Tata Power’s stock a ‘buy’ rating, setting the target price at Rs 350 per share. Despite the stock’s current market price surpassing the target, Tata Power’s shares closed at Rs 388.85 apiece on the Bombay Stock Exchange on February 2.

Contrastingly, Kotak Institutional Equities issued a ‘sell’ rating for Tata Power’s stock, with a target price of Rs 389 per share. The brokerage noted a potential upside of 37 percent. Over a week, Tata Power’s shares surged by 6.77 percent, outpacing the S&P BSE POWER climate, which rose by 5.62 percent.

According to BSE Analytics data, Tata Power’s stock gained Rs 60.1 in a month, marking an 18.23 percent climb. Operating in the Integrated Power Utilities industry, the company is a constituent of the S&P BSE 100 index. As of February 4, Tata Power commands a market capitalization of Rs 1.24 lakh crores, as per the Bombay Stock Exchange website.

Achieving a 52-week high at Rs 396.70 apiece on February 1, Tata Power revealed a customer financing initiative of Rs 3500 crore to boost solar energy adoption in India.

In a recent release, Tata Power Solar announced facilitating ₹3,500 crore of customer financing, solidifying its position as the country’s most preferred and trusted green energy partner.

Tata Power Q3 Results: Date and Time

Looking ahead, Tata Power has scheduled an investor call to disclose its Q3FY24 results on February 9, starting from 6:00 p.m., as per regulatory filings.

Tata Power Share Price 2024 – Sustainable Future Investments

Tata Power’s 2024 outlook extends beyond financial gains. Investors are presented with an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future by aligning their portfolios with the company’s environmentally conscious initiatives.

In conclusion, Tata Power’s 2024 journey is marked by a robust green energy push. Brokerages’ insights and strategic tips position investors to capitalize on the potential gains while contributing to a greener tomorrow.


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